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Note: as part of TLB's deepening partnership with RMIT University, this particular internship is only open for those who are currently enrolled in or who have graduated from any of RMIT's photography programs.

Also note: the first internship will begin a tad early, running from August–December 2017. So if you're applying now, it's for that period! Applications for this period will close midnight Friday August 18th.


Want to undertake a photography internship at TLB? 

We offer four unpaid photography internship rounds per year: January–March, April–June, July–September, October–December. Time required is one day per week, with the occasional extra task outside of that day. Internships are based at our Melbourne office at RMIT University's City Campus.

We open for applications from the 1st–10th of the month preceding the beginning of the internship (e.g. the 1st-10th March for the April-May-June round).

A photography intern will be involved in all things photography at TLB: from product photography, to event photography, to contributor and staff professional photography, to editorial photography. There's also scope for working with video, and any other visual medium, if this is desirable to you.

Applicants should be available to start at the beginning of the first month of the three month internship, coming in all day on Fridays each and every week. Reminder: this is an unpaid internship (all staff at TLB are volunteers).

Applications are welcome from people anywhere – as long as you are a current student or graduate of an RMIT photography program. We particularly encourage people who identify as queer and/or trans and/or of any colour, religion, or gender, and/or have a disability (our office is on the third floor, but this floor is easily accessible by elevators), and/or are rad and excellent and canny, to apply. There are no age limits.

It’s a big big big boon if you already know TLB. (Can ‘knowing of’ consist of you running out right now and finding a copy of our magazine and/or our books and/or checking out our website to ascertain who/what/why the hell we are? Possibly.) If it's obvious you aren't familiar with us, your chances of being chosen as an intern will absolutely plummet.

Please submit—through this Submittable page—a one-page CV (only include info relevant to the position) and a one-page cover letter, during the allocated application period. Combine the CV and cover letter in a single PDF document for bonus points. 

You can also choose to attach or link to your photography folio, if you like.

In your one-page cover letter we'd love you to answer the following questions:

  • Why TLB?
  • What sort of ideas would you like to see TLB explore that you could assist with?
  • Which aspect(s) of what we do at TLB most interests you?
  • What would you be hoping to get out of this internship?

...and please include anything else you think might be relevant. 


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