TLB publishes work on its website that fits into two categories: TLB Review of Books or Commentary, and we welcome pitches for both. This category right here is for pieces that fit under Commentary; if you’d like to write about a book for us, please submit your pitch via the TLB Review of Books category.

Please send pitches only, rather than completed pieces. This saves everyone time!

We want pitches for commentary pieces that are topical but timeless, that respond to contemporary events, thinking, articles, artworks, exhibitions, and beyond. We want pieces that speak to an international audience but retain an Australian perspective; that surprise, that blend genres and push boundaries (technical, artistic, moral…), that you couldn’t get published anywhere else. 

We want you to be bold, to look at the big picture, to stir up controversy wherever it needs to be stirred. If what you’re trying is a little odd or untested, we welcome it. Please tell us your most ambitious ideas; we are forever eager to be convinced.

We’re open to commentary in other forms than written essays: photo essays, videos, comics, visual art, and other forms we haven't heard or thought of. We’re especially interested in things that could only live online: innovative things with digital media, creative transformations of social networking tools, etc. The weirder the better!

Here are some examples of work we love:

Length: We generally publish pieces between 1500-4000 words, though for the right piece we will happily break all our own rules.

We pay our writers. Online pieces are paid at $100 each.

We use a Squarespace-based platform which supports a wide range of HTML and CSS. If you’re thinking of doing something playful with code (which we encourage), get in touch.

There’s no limit on the amount of pitches you can submit, but be sensible. You should only submit your best ideas at any time.

For any questions about the Commentary section, please email the Commentary Editor.