Before anything else, a special note: 

If you are not currently reading/have not ever read a copy of The Lifted Brow, then:

  • perhaps you are a bit too parsimonious and shortcutty for us, as it is not that difficult to get your hands on our magazine, and it is a really good magazine

and also

  • the chances are maybe a bit high that you will submit work to us that is not what we are hunting for, because how would you know what we like to publish if you don't read what we publish.

So, go on go on go on — just grab a copy and we'll post it straight to you, or even subscribe, and do yourself the favour of not wasting your own time, and do us the favour of supporting the magazine that maybe might publish you. We want you as a reader first, and as a contributor second, because do you know how beautiful a transition that is? Really beautiful is the answer.


Okay, some official guidelines for comics and visual art submissions: 

We mostly publish comics and artwork that occupy full, single pages. Although: if you’re a strip-type artist or any other type of artist, rather than a page-oriented person, don’t hesitate to send us a few sample works (as always, unpublished) or pitches as we’re always excited to hear about new ways to display work.

We’re also really interested in publishing art and comics that are experimental, that are unlike anything that's in print anywhere else. The more ambitious the better. 

If you’re interested in being commissioned for editorial illustration work, please submit about five graphics (keep your file sizes down pls) that are the best examples of your work. (It’s much easier for us to keep your work on file if we have some files than if you just send us a link to your website.)

The absolute and pretty much only way for you to get a feel for the kind of comics and visual art we like to publish is by buying and reading a copy of the magazine.

We check our art submissions only periodically, when planning for future issues, so if you don’t hear back from us, do not fret! You have been counted, you do exist for us. We will respond to you if we feel we might be able to work with you.

We pay contributors.

We're always and forever most interested in work that focuses on things like gender, economics, politics, work, and sexuality — though we are indeed open to absolutely anything.

While an Australian focus will sometimes be favoured (work by Australian artists, and/or about topics relevant to Australians), because we are an Australian-based publication that is facing out to the world, we're open to work from anyone from anywhere and everywhere about everything and anything.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.