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TLB is looking for a new person—or people—to commission illustrations, comics, art spreads, and cover artwork for our quarterly print publication. 

This position is best suited to multiple editors; we are likely looking for two people to acquit the role. We will accept applications from individuals (and then look to pair people up), or from pairs applying together. 

This is a volunteer role – TLB is a not-for-profit organisation that is taking great strides in getting to a point where we can pay staff, but currently all roles at TLB are unpaid.

The role

Put simply, the art editors commission visual art and comics for the magazine, as well as illustrations. For each issue of the magazine, they are expected to: 

  • Commission the cover artwork of The Lifted Brow, working with the editors, the creative director, and the publication designer to offer critical feedback and guidance to the artist as the cover develops
  • Liaise with editors about commissioning illustrations to sit alongside written work published in the magazine
  • Commission spreads of visual art and comics in the magazine
  • Maintain strong communication with the editors, publication designer, and creative director about cover design, flat plan, and illustrations, in the leadup to print deadlines
  • Work within the standard print budget set by the publisher and editors.. 

Skills required 

  • Familiarity with contemporary literary and arts practices in Australia and around the world, particularly in the area of comics and illustration
  • Strong, respectful communication skills 
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and responsibilities 
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Photoshop and basic digital editing skills are highly desired

Tools required 

  • A computer with internet access, and use of Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Office or equivalent 
  • Photoshop is preferable 

To apply, please attach a one-page CV, and a cover letter that addresses the above position description as well as outlining your familiarity with the Brow. Please also list some artists, illustrators, and comics artists you would like to commission, and any other art editing ideas you have in mind for The Lifted Brow. Additionally, like all positions at TLB, the art editorship comes with the opportunity to work outside of the strict bounds of your role; if you have ideas about events, special projects, collaborations, or longer-term projects, please mention those, too – though this is purely optional. 

If you have questions about the role, please email outgoing editors Ben Juers and Bailey Sharp at ben@theliftedbrow.com and bailey@theliftedbrow.com. For broader questions about TLB, feel free to contact info@theliftedbrow.com, or any of the staff directly.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.