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The December 2019 issue of The Lifted Brow will be themed 'Digital Intimacies', and we are looking for translators with pitches or pieces which tackle this topic in an interesting way.

Some potential ideas to get you started:

  • artificial intelligence and the construction of narrative
  • surveillance as a form of intimacy
  • subcultures on the internet
  • queer people and the construction of self via instagram lives
  • personality quizzes

Please do not think of this list as definitive - pieces which bend and stretch the theme, or cause us to look at the idea of 'digital intimacies' in a new way will be looked upon favourably.

Submissions of translated fiction, comics, essays, experimental non-fiction, and poetry are all accepted. If any of your work crosses the boundaries of genres or modes, or deals with translation in an experimental way - try us.

We accept pitches. If there is a piece you would love to translate, tell us about it. Please also include a sample translated paragraph, and an indication of the length of the piece.

If you are translating a work from a language or perspective that is underrepresented, or a part of the world that doesn’t see a lot of its literary output translated, we want to hear from you. If you are working on a translation of oral texts, ancestral languages, and/or some other project tied up with language and identity, get in touch.

In either the cover letter or the submission itself, please include a translator's note to contextualise the piece (What is so exciting about this author? How does it fit in with the author’s oeuvre and other writing in that literary tradition/country/language/genre? What are their influences? What has guided some of your translation choices? etc.). Please be sure to also indicate where you are regarding permissions for the publication of a translation - are you in touch with the author or rights holder? Have you formally asked for permission for the piece to be published in English, or not yet?

Please note: this submission window relates to the December issue of the magazine.

We pay contributors.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to reading your work.