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Looking for exciting, adventurous, experimental translated works in any genre for a special 'Digital Intimacies' themed issue of The Lifted Brow.

Self-translations, works which play with the idea of translation or machine translation, pitches, graphic pieces (e.g. comics, zines), translations of oral or ancestral works which may or may not have been published in text, video work - all very welcome.

We're looking for bold work which engages deeply with the theme, however you choose to interpret it.

Some potential ideas to get you started (but with the hope you'll surprise us!):

  • artificial intelligence and the construction of narrative
  • surveillance as a form of intimacy
  • subcultures on the internet
  • queer people and the construction of self via social media 
  • personality quizzes
  • uses of the digital to mediate or modify intimacy
  • the opposite of digital intimacy - how intimacy functions away from the digital, in a world that contains both

If there is something in your source language which interests you but which wouldn't ordinarily appear in a literary magazine, we want to hear about it. 

Guidelines for submission

If you are submitting a completed translation, please include a translator's note, covering:

  • What is so exciting about this author's work?
  • How does it it in with the rest of their work, and works in a similar literary tradition/country/language/genre?
  • What are their influences?
  • What has guided some of your translation choices?

Please also indicate where you are at with permissions for the publication of a translation - are you in touch with the author or rights holder? Have you formally asked for permission for the piece to be published in English, or not yet?

For pitches, please include:

  • estimated length (words, or pages if visual elements)
  • a description of the work to be translated
  • a short note contextualising the original author/creator and their work
  • a statement of your position relating to this work (can be as simple as the reason it interests you)
  • statement of permissions for publication of a translation

Payments and questions

For details of payment, please see this page. If you have any questions or would like to discuss before submitting, please feel free to email hassan@theliftedbrow.com

Happy submitting!