Ends on October 26, 2018


We’re currently inviting completed or nearly-completed works that span all forms of non-fiction, from writers of every type, from anywhere and everywhere. All submissions must be submitted by midnight Friday 26 October 2018. Please only submit full or nearly-complete pieces here, via our Submittable — we do not accept submissions via email. 

The Lifted Brow is always and forever most interested in writing that focuses on the arts, gender, race, ecology, economics, politics, work, and sexuality. We encourage writers from all backgrounds to approach their non-fiction submissions boldly, deeply, and/or experimentally. Think big or small, but whatever you think, make sure it’s in keeping with what the we tend to publish (check out our latest issues our latest issues or subscribe to best understand the work we like best).

While an Australian focus will be favoured, as we are an Australian-based publication that is facing out to the world, we're open to anything from everywhere about everything. We will look fondly upon:

• lyric and personal essays;

• narrative non-fiction; 

• highly researched, investigative stories;

• comment pieces that use the personal to look outwards to the wider world;

• playful theory;

• environmental, science and technology writing with a human and/or political element;

• memoir and other writing from life;

• collected vignettes;

• and pieces defy categorisation and/or make imaginative use of the printed page.

At particular times, we are also seeking fiction, poetry, and comics and visual art — but please submit those through the relevant categories. (Click the links.)

As always, the best way to understand the kind of work we like to publish is to read our magazine. You can grab a copy here, in print or digital format.

Any questions or queries can be emailed through to editors@theliftedbrow.com.

Some brief guidelines about writing for The Lifted Brow:

We particularly encourage people who identify as queer and/or trans and/or intersex and/or are of any colour, religion, or gender, and/or have a disability, to submit. There are of course no age limits. We pay contributors.

You can submit as many pieces as you wish, though picking just that one piece that will knock our socks off is heartily encouraged. There is no strict word count; we generally publish pieces up to 5,000 words. As accepted work will be published at some point within the next twelve months, we will look favourably on pieces with lasting relevance (for more urgent, timely responses, please consider submitting to our website.)

Please follow our writing guidelines and submit only one piece per submission. 

We look forward to reading your work.

A special note:

If you are not currently reading/have not ever read a copy of The Lifted Brow, then we highly recommend you do so before submitting your work. There’s no better way of discovering what we like to publish than by reading the kinds of work we’re proud to we publish. 

Grab a copy and we’ll post it straight to you! Even better, consider subscribing and do us the favour of supporting the magazine that you would like to be published in. We want you as a reader first, and as a contributor second, because do you know how beautiful a transition that is? (Really beautiful is the answer.)